belicheatThis is a Raiders’ page. This ain’t ESPN, or any of those other cookie-cutter “sports-programming” networks where all they seemingly do is lick the boots of the Belicheats.

I personally have had enough of the New England CHEATRIOTS. They cheat, get away with it…. as I said online the other day, here is what SHOULD HAPPEN, but won’t since we got such a punk Commissioner:

SUSPEND BELICHICK (like they did Payton in New Orleans)

Suspend Brady (just cause he looks like a ladyboy)

MAKE KRAFT SELL THE TEAM (Bobby ain’t hurting for cash, folks)


If the NFL is serious about this, they will do more than some 1st-rd pick confiscation (in NE’s case, that’s either the #31 or #32 pick pending the outcome of SB XLIX). The Pats get away with too much, and are lauded for it. It is time to put the wood to these jokers, for real.


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