Picture a “state of the union address”, only I am at the podium, as the new owner of the Oakland (soon to be Los Angeles) Raiders.

I wanna start off by saying thank you to all who have decided to show up today for this most momentus occasion. The state of the Raiders is shining bright once again, with new coaching, new ownership and a new attitude. To get back to basics, power football. We are going to runt he ball down everyone’s throat. We are going to intimidate and punk out every other team. We will have a Return to Glory. Applause roars then fades. I want to… that’s a dream (for now), but I want to talk about the needs of the Raiders going into the 2015-16 campaign.

In my eyes, American football is simple. RUN THE BALL, STOP THE OTHER TEAM. In that spirit, I will say what I have always said when it comes to the SnB: Fix the O-Line, shore up the secondary and get competent coaching, namely NAME COACHING. I love what Del Rio has done already, bringing respect and names (i.e. Knighton wanting to come over from Denver) and good attention to the SnB. We definitely need that!

I will go on the record on stating, at least in my view, that the Raiders would do well to see about using that $65 MM in cap space right. No trading picks for unproven talent. No overpaying players. And definitely no Marcus Mariota unless he agrees to develop his game in Canada (as several mobile American QBs have done and become legends).

It irks me to see how many of the Nation really think that bringing someone like Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch would be a great addition. In short, it would be a disaster. Basically, we need players who are the opposite of Lynch.

In closing, the Raiders are in good shape in my eyes.


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