belicheatThis is a Raiders’ page. This ain’t ESPN, or any of those other cookie-cutter “sports-programming” networks where all they seemingly do is lick the boots of the Belicheats.

I personally have had enough of the New England CHEATRIOTS. They cheat, get away with it…. as I said online the other day, here is what SHOULD HAPPEN, but won’t since we got such a punk Commissioner:

SUSPEND BELICHICK (like they did Payton in New Orleans)

Suspend Brady (just cause he looks like a ladyboy)

MAKE KRAFT SELL THE TEAM (Bobby ain’t hurting for cash, folks)


If the NFL is serious about this, they will do more than some 1st-rd pick confiscation (in NE’s case, that’s either the #31 or #32 pick pending the outcome of SB XLIX). The Pats get away with too much, and are lauded for it. It is time to put the wood to these jokers, for real.


Okay… I know this is a business. I have always liked Tony Sparano. He seems like good people. I never met the guy, but I like his style. With the major upgrades that Davis, McKenzie have made (at the behest of one John Madden no less), it is very apparent that the Raiders are going to make some major noise in the 2015-16 season. In my view, Sparano shouldn’t feel ashamed one bit for the job he did. We all know that Allen’s tenure was a disaster. Before he was with us, Allen was considered one of the young stars in the NFL coaching ranks. Now that he’s with the G-Men (don’t quote me there), he is getting that seasoning.

Anyway, back to Sparano. He will do well in Santa Clara. He does have Vernon Davis and Colin Kaepernick (who I affectionately call Colin Cookiepuss). I have a feeling this will not be the last we hear of the 49ers or one Tony Sparano.


Charles Woodson Wanted for 2015 Season According to Reggie McKenzie
December 21, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders free safety Charles Woodson (24) celebrates after an interception against the Buffalo Bills during the first quarter at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY SportsNEWS
Charles Woodson Wanted for 2015 Season According to Reggie McKenzie
by Chase Ruttig 15h ago
Charles Woodson turned in one of the most underrated years in the NFL during the 2014 season, playing at an extremely high level for the Oakland Raiders by turning out a long list of big plays at the age of 38. Since coming back to Oakland to presumably retire with the team that drafted him out of Michigan, Woodson’s farewell tour has been anything but that over the past two seasons, with the legendary defensive back playing well enough that he is on the record that he feels he can make a return in 2015 for another year.

Woodson has been playing on one year contracts during his second run in Oakland, coming back last year under then head coach Dennis Allen before he made way for interim head coach Tony Sparano. Now Jack Del Rio is the Raiders newest head coach, but general manager Reggie McKenzie is still making the front office decisions and made the first offseason comments on Woodson’s status on Sirius XM NFL Radio’s Late Hits on Wednesday night making it clear that he wants the legend back in the fold come training camp.

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McKenzie conceded that the new coaching staff will play a factor as well as Woodson’s health, but if 100 per cent healthy and motivated to attempt to finish off the Raiders rebuild under a new coaching regime it appears the general manager will be bringing back the safety.

“If he’s all in — 100 percent — I want him back,” McKenzie said on Wednesday evening.

“It’s going to be totally up to Charles… And the new coaching staff.”


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Woodson still makes big plays on a seemingly weekly basis for the Raiders so if he does decide to give himself another season it would be an easy decision for everyone involved to secure the services of one of the greatest players to ever play the game once again. Woodson’s four interceptions were his highest season haul since 2011, his final season at cornerback, so even at 38 the strong tackler and savvy defensive back provides a talent that could be considered amongst the best in his position in the league despite being at an advanced age.

With no signs of hanging up the cleats during the season expect Woodson to be back in 2015 in Oakland, potentially for what could be the farewell tour. However we say this every year with Woodson and nearing 40 there is a potential chance that the legend has a goal to reach a milestone that few defensive players ever reach by playing at a high level once he reaches an age usually reserved for kickers when it comes to still being in the NFL.

It is a safe prediction to claim that Woodson will be retained by McKenzie and the coaching staff, the big question might just be if this will be the year that the all-time great puts it out there that it will be his final 16 games in the NFL. If so it would be one of the biggest storylines in Oakland in 2015 as Raiders fans have a special bond with Woodson that would make a farewell tour be on a Derek Jeter on the Yankees level should he wish to make it a swan song. Fans will want to see Woodson continuing to make big plays and throwing up his now famous “Oakland” sign for another year, Reggie McKenzie knowing that is likely to do everything in his power to make that a reality for the Raider Nation.